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Office : SC  118C 
Phone: 203-392-6458        Physics dept. 
e-mail: bidariana1@southernct.edu
* BS degree in Physics and Mathematics, Eastern Kentucky University, (1978) 
* MS degree in Electrical Engineering , University of Kentucky  (1984) 
* PH. D.  in Electrical Engineering ,"Solid  State Electronics" University of  Kentucky, (1990)
Y-Ba-Cu-O Superconductors
Research Interest:
Electrical  and magnetic properties of- superconductors, polymers,  metals. 
Abstract of last publication
Making a Superconductor YBCO
The Meissner Effect
Superconductors Links
Superconductivity Explained

* Life in the SCSU Physics lab

* A Tour:   Condensed Matter Laboratory

Teaching Interest:

Why Physics

 Classes and Office Hrs.

PHY 100
Elements of Physics for Liberal Arts
PHY 103 
Elements of Physics for Life Sciences
PHY 111 Physics of Today  
PHY 200
College Physics I
PHY 201 College Physics II
PHY 230 Physics for Engineering I 
PHY 231 Physics for Engineering II 
PHY 251
Engineering Statics
PHY 355 Electricity and Electronics 
PHY 400
Analytical Mechanics (Classical Mechanics)
PHY 401
Analytical Mechanics (Classical Mechanics)  II
PHY 405 Computer Interfacing -LabView
PHY 415  Solid State Physics 
Method in Physics Research
PHY 470 Advance Experimental Physics I
PHY 471 Advance Experimental Physics II 
Personal  Information:
Favorite Sports: Windsurfing , Tennis, Sailing, Swimming 

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